What is Holy Bones All About?

Our mission is to craft an immersive experience for creative souls from all walks of life, death, and everything in between. 

A digital marketplace for local artisans, makers, and curators to sell their wares.
An annual festival in Ypsilanti, MI, held in October each year, featuring local artisans, performers, food, and more.
A creative community where artists and performers can learn, engage and share their craft.

The Holy Bones Origin Story

Holy Bones launched as a festival in 2019.

The Inaugural Holy Bones Festival was planned in 60 days and took place on October 5th, 2019. It began as a quick thought between two artists, we wished aloud for Ypsilanti to have a festival where the weirdos like us could thrive. On a whim, we asked the owner of The YPSI if we could host a festival there, with the goal of bringing artists, performers, and food vendors together while also raising money and awareness for The YPSI. Two months later, the parking lot was filled with..

Local Artisans and Curators

Live Painters Painting

Local Food Trucks

Performance Artists

Tarot Card Readers

Really Hard Scavenger Hunt