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The Holy Bones Academy for Creative Souls aims to motivate and challenge artists of all interests, levels, and backgrounds.

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Create & Submit Creative Work based on the Challenge, Study, or Prompt of your choosing
Badges + Points awarded! Now start on the next project to keep growing your powers!

Practice your craft.

With hundreds of Badges to get you started, you’ll never run our of subject ideas for your next creation. 

Discover new creative powers.

The Academy consists of a variety of themes and prompts designed to challenge artists of all ages and levels.

Build your body of work.

Create a curated series of pieces based on your own interests and styled through a Creative Study. 

Connect with other creatives.

 Join a group of artists, or create one of your own—no social media required. 

Badges: Individual Creations

Earn badges by completing individual prompts and subjects.

Badges represent each creation. Badges include things like:

    • Person Badges: Get inspired by iconic characters and important figures in history.
    • Place Badges: Locations and landmarks near and far. Travel through your art!
    • Creature Badges:
  • Application Badges: Styles, Techniques, and Mediums to try.
  • Color Badges
  • Style Badges
  • Medium Badges
  • Technique Badges

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