Let’s put our skulls together for a good cause.

by | Thu, Aug 27, 2020

Hello, Ypsilanti. My name is Holly, and I’m one of the organizers of the Holy Bones Festival. I’m looking for 13 Ypsilanti artists to decorate, carve, paint, bedazzle, etc.

If you’re an artist, visit HolyBones.net/Fundraise to learn more and participate in the FundRaise the Dead Auction or apply now using the form below.

100% of the proceeds from the auction of these go to the Ypsilanti Performance Space, Inc. aka The YPSI, the generous host of our festival and future community cultural center for artists like us to feel inspired in. Since funding is scarce, we’re all hurting, and no one needs another GoFundMe in their life right now, this is my alternative—challenging Ypsilanti artists to a fun, spooky competition and auction to benefit a cause close to my heart.

My hope is for more creative souls of Ypsilanti to get involved in and fall in love with the vision for The YPSI, as I have.

Let’s get in the creative Halloween spirit together. The deadline to apply for a reserved Ypsilanti skull is Saturday, September 5th.

Bring your own skull or artwork.

If you want to decorate and submit your own to the auction, sell it on your own artist page, or keep it for yourself, you can find the same skull we use in our kits for $25 in this Amazon link (or whatever source you prefer, please don’t Amazon-shame me right now I’m very fragile).

  • I want to ensure there is a full representation of the artists in our city and the people who support it, which is why I am taking applications—so to be clear ANYONE submitting artwork or a skull is accepted, but I can only afford to fund 13 of them to get this started.
Win prizes, awards, and more.

If you apply by September 1st, you’ll be entered to in a drawing for two bottles of Culture Hustle Paint, including a bottle of 3.0, the blackest black paint in the world. Learn more about it here. 

What do artists get in return?

Artists are publicly praised as being really, really good people, showered with gifts and compliments, and given premium vendorship access to our recently launched Holy Bones digital marketplace.

Sponsor without spending.

We’re trying not to overburden businesses with requests for sponsorships during a national crisis, so if you’re a business who wants to help—it doesn’t have to be a monetary donation. Simple items like gift cards, swag items, and tips (artists will have a “tip jar” linked to their auction submission) to thank artists for their work. You’ll be thanked via our website, social media, and via a certificate and commemorative gift. 

No purchase necessary to participate.

A $6.66 optional fee helps pay for the shipping/delivery of appreciation gifts and awards. Use code OPT-OUT at checkout and the fee will be waived! 

Share Your Ideas

As a patron and community member, share your thoughts: What kind of awards would you, as a community, like to see the artists stove for? Most Ypsilantian? Best skull-shaped soup bowl? Creepiest? Tell us in the comments!


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Raise Hell for a Good Cause

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The Holy Bones Festival Launched in 2019, with a goal of optional donations upon entry to raise funds for the renovation and support of our generous host, The Ypsilanti Performance Space. This year, our festival in happening "in spirit" only—which means you get to participate as an artist, performer, patron, or sponsor all from the comfort of your own quarantine!

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In the interest of public health, the 2nd Annual Holy Bones Festival is no longer happening in the flesh.

Holy Bones is evolving to include a fully immersive creative community, including:


  1. A digital marketplace we're affectionally calling the Phantom Festival, where you can shop your favorite local vendors in spirit." If you're ready to start selling, you can select the vendorship plan that's right for you.
  2. A collection of creative prompts and challenges called the Academy for Creative Souls, designed for you to play along on your own terms, from your own personal quarantine. 
  3. A philanthropic undertaking called FundRaise the Dead, where local artists donate their work to a one-of-a-kind auction. Proceeds benefit The YPSI, with an option for sponsors to choose to directly support the artists. Anyone can submit art and get involved, want to see how?
  4. You tell us! We want to create a fun, positive, interactive experience for Ypsilantians and beyond. What would you like to see? Contact us to share your idea.

What is Holy Bones All About?

Our mission is to craft an immersive experience for creative souls from all walks of life, death, and everything in between. 

A digital marketplace for local artisans, makers, and curators to sell their wares.
An annual festival in Ypsilanti, MI, held in October each year, featuring local artisans, performers, food, and more.
A creative community where artists and performers can learn, engage and share their craft.