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Raise Hell for a Good Cause

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The Holy Bones Festival Launched in 2019, with a goal of optional donations upon entry to raise funds for the renovation and support of our generous host, The Ypsilanti Performance Space. This year, our festival in happening "in spirit" only—which means you get to participate as an artist, performer, patron, or sponsor all from the comfort of your own quarantine!

Beta Testing Begins with Returning Vendors June 20, 2020.








Next Steps Overall for Holy Bones

  • Officially cancel the yearly festival in the interest of public health by week’s end.
  • Throughout June, onboard existing vendors. A quiet launch making the site live happens on June 20th. I’d like to use this small group of vendors to work out the kinks before we fully launch the website’s new features.
    • Anyone stumbling on the site can start participating.
  • July 1, Launch the site to the public with a full social media series introducing new features individually.
  • August 1, 2020: Live event at Unity Vibration auctioning off 9-13 hand-painted skull replicas from local artists. (In the Works, working title: Heads Will Roll)